We introduce ourselves!

Paul Blick Open Era, Fashion, Tennis, Retro

Hi, I'm Paul...

... and I've been a passionate tennis player for many years. Since I can remember, I thought it was cool to wear my grandpa's vintage tennis clothes, as he was also a passionate tennis player. Thus began my love of retro tennis styles, from polos to sports jackets. A little over a year ago, I was standing on the tennis court with a friend, all dressed up in white socks, short shorts, and a retro polo. To top off the outfit, I started wondering about white tennis balls. However, they turned out to be hard to come by. Shortly after, an idea was born. I decided to bring white tennis balls back to the court, together with my school friend Max, whose focus tended to be more on the club restaurant than the court.

Hi, I'm Max ...

... and when Paul approached me with his idea, I was immediately hooked. Rather naively, we brainstormed and ventured in the direction of retro-fashion. However, it turned out to be more difficult than thought to design stylish polo shirts that could also be produced sustainably - especially with the high standards we both set for our products during the start-up phase. Our efforts were worth it though! Our products have turned out to be unique in their combination of retro design, quality and sustainability. And our journey is not over yet: We are already working on new "favourite pieces" with many great ideas yet to come.

Our mission

Our mission is to not only preserve retro tennis trends, but also the planet we live on. We antagonize fast fashion: Throughout all our processes, from design to delivery, we choose partners who share the same core values and strive to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our vision

Our vision is to set new standards, just as the Open Era did for athletic standards in tennis. We want to challenge the industry and establish ourselves as role models in terms of sustainability and quality