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Retro • Sustainable • Made in EU

Open Era Retro Strickpullover

made in Europe

Open Era

as Antagonists of Fast Fashion

The fashion industry is marked by overproduction and waste—over 40% of clothing is discarded without being worn, and less than 1% of clothing is recycled. Materials are often environmentally harmful, and the issue of exploitation unfortunately still frequently arises. We have decided to counter this worrying trend and work as sustainably as possible. This commitment extends not only to production but also to our own processes, from design to CO₂ offsetting for our shipped packages, to minimizing waste. We strive to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. All our products are made in Europe with suppliers who value sustainable and ethically sound working practices as much as we do.

The Open Era

The "Open Era" in tennis began in 1968 when professional athletes were allowed to participate in traditional and prestigious tournaments such as Wimbledon for the first time. Until then, only amateurs were permitted. The prevailing belief was that earning money from sports contradicted the spirit of sportsmanship. The professionalization of tennis raised the athletic standard to unprecedented levels. At the same time, the widespread media interest sparked a global tennis craze.

The Brand Open Era®

Die "Open Era" im Tennis begann 1968, als professionelle Athleten erstmals an traditionellen und prestigeträchtigen Turnieren wie Wimbledon teilnehmen durften. Bis dahin waren nur Amateure zugelassen, da die vorherrschende Meinung war, dass das Verdienen von Geld durch Sport dem Sportsgeist widersprach. Die Professionalisierung des Tennis hob den athletischen Standard auf ein nie dagewesenes Niveau. Gleichzeitig löste das große Medieninteresse weltweit einen regelrechten Tennisboom aus.