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Open Era Retro Strickpullover

made in Europe

Open Era

Open Era as an antagonist of fast fashion

The fashion industry is characterised by overproduction and waste - over 40% of clothes are thrown away unworn and less than 1% of clothing is recycled. Materials are often harmful to theenvironment and the issue of exploitation is, unfortunately, still very much prevalent. We have decided to go against these worrying developments and work as sustainably as possible. Not just in terms of manufacturing, but also within our own processes, from design to carbon offsetting for package deliveries to minimising waste. We always strive to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. All of our products are made in Europe, with suppliers who share our commitment towards sustainable and ethical practices.

The Open Era

The "Open Era" in tennis began in 1968, when professional athletes were allowed to participate in traditional and prestigious tournaments, such as Wimbledon, for the first time. Until then, only amateurs were allowed to partake. There was a general believe that making money from sports was contrary to the spirit of the game itself. The resulting professionalisation raised athletic standards to an unprecedented level and, at the same time, triggered a tangible tennis hype worldwide thanks to the subsequent media interest and coverage.

The Open Era® brand

Just as the Open Era had a significant impact on tennis, we want to set new standards with the OPEN ERA® brand. We want to create something that is just as enduring as the Open Era - sustainable in every way. Not only do we want to create something that stands the test of time, we also want to preserve what is worth preserving: from retro tennis trends to the environment in which we live. That's why we work in a value-oriented manner with suppliers and manufacturing companies in Europe that we know personally and whose factories we visit regularly. This way we can guarantee the highest manufacturing quality and fair working conditions. Going forward, and together with our partners, we will continue to make every effort to create and sustain even more environmentally friendly products and processes.
Our products reflect the stunning look of the 60's combined with modern design elements. From design to production to packaging, we're not just preserving what's good, but making things better in a contemporary fashion. Thus, we are initiating a long overdue paradigm shift. We are traditional when it comes to quality, commitment and the "Made in Europe" standard. By combining progressive ideas with traditional values, we remain true to our identity and add more value to the clothing sector.